Cheaper energy storage to enable a 100% clean grid

Our new mechanical energy storage solution builds on proven technologies to deliver significantly cheaper storage, enabling the energy transition.


A well-backed team of exceptional individuals

We are one of Europe’s best-funded early-stage climate tech companies, and our founding team includes individuals who have led multiple billion dollar subsea projects, built a hydrogen car from scratch, filed multiple patents and won an Olympic gold medal. We are building a world-class team, but are not prescriptive about what excellence looks like. If you are an excellent mechanical engineer excited by the prospect of joining a small but exceptional team working at pace to unblock the energy transition, get in touch.

Who we're looking for

We’re looking for these
key traits in every member of our team


We are a small team, and no matter how senior you are, we expect you to be involved in (and enjoy!) building our prototype.

Quick to act and to learn

You’re resourceful and creative when solving problems. You don't over-optimise; you get V1 out the door to unblock critical issues.

Excellent first principles thinker

You have a very solid theoretical background, and can set off in the right direction without the luxury of frequent experiment results.

Comfortable trying the impossible

You’re comfortable trying things others deem impossible, but you also know when to save time by not reinventing the wheel.


You can own the design from start to end. You're comfortable framing, conceptualising & building to get to the required solution.

Job opportunities

Mechanical Engineer


Electrical Engineer


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